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About us

Our Story


BloomX was founded by a team of talented and experienced project managers and developers, specialising in eCommerce.


We offer a technical partnership service to companies who don’t have an in-house developer or resources to pay for an expensive hourly rate services, and who don’t want to manage technical projects with developers.


We have found that typical developers are limited to one particular platform or system, and don’t look at the overall platforms and integrations owned by a company when troubleshooting issues or optimising a website. They also need micromanaging, and if you don’t know what to consider when checking their work, issues could arise.


We are not just another WordPress or Shopify maintenance service. BloomX takes care of all your complex technical requirements that makes up your overall online presence, so that you can safely focus on physical business and be assured that your technical requirements and platforms are in dependable hands and looked after 24/7.


To ensure we offer the best service to our customers, we limit the amount of companies we work with to be able to deliver on all of our plan inclusions. If you are on our waitlist, we will be in touch with you as soon as we have an opening.


With BloomX as your technical partner, you don’t need to worry about explaining your website issues to multiple people, giving out passwords or going round in circles wasting valuable time, neither do you need to go through the pain of hiring cheap, inexperienced developers who fix issues only later for you to find out that they have left a pile of malpractice codes and unnecessary plugins/apps on your platforms for small changes.


Explain the issue to us once and we will be on it! Eliminate the need to micromanage and taking anything developers say or do as your final solution. We are highly experienced in this industry and have been working with eCommerce businesses owners and developers for years.


As your partners, we represent you and will only do what’s best for your business, your online store and all of the online aspects that comes with it.