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Influencer Partnership Services


Let us take the headache out of your influencer brand deals and content management!  We work for selected influencers, not brands.


Your Personal Management Team


Our team are experienced project managers with a strong background in technical support and digital marketing. We partner with selected Australian influencers to manage as little or as much as they need. We are big on integrity and confidentiality.


We work for the person, not the brands, so they can focus on the fun lifestyle and content creation, and not have to micromanage everything else.


As your partners, we represent you and will only do what’s best for your business, your brand and all of your online platforms. Our team will ensure no opportunities are missed, and contract obligations are fulfilled.


Your time is better spent making content so you can increase your followers, and bank balance. Let us worry about the details.

influencer management

Every follower counts

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